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Problemas Tecnológicos do Verão

Summer Tech Problems

Problems that happen in the summer with computers and mobile phones


Summer is synonymous with heat, beach, pool! We love our electronic equipment… not so much! If you are not careful, your cell phone or computer may end up damaged.

We leave here some tips to make the most of it and protect your equipment from sun, from sand, from heat, from water and even from salt air!





The sand is one of the greatest enemies of technology. The fine grains, practically impossible to clean, infiltrate the holes of cell phones and cameras and stick to the screen. Sand can scratch the screen, scratch the corners of the equipment or until enters through the openings, which may impair the functioning of electronic devices. The entries that you should protect the most are: the one for loader and the one for sound.

The best way to prevent your equipment from coming into contact with sand is to keep it in a bag and use it only when necessary, storing it after use. There are also plastic covers suitable for the beach.





The falls in the water are a big part of the technological damage in the height of summer. Currently, many smartphones are already designed to be waterproof, but that does not mean that they can withstand a “dive”! If you want to use your cell phone near the pool or the sea, the best option is to buy a waterproof cover so you can even dive in and take the best pictures! There are also many waterproof digital cameras (Ex: GoPro). Be especially careful with seawater as it is extremely corrosive and damages the internal components of technological equipment! There is no rice that can save a cell phone from falling into the sea.





Sand and water damage are the most obvious dangers to your equipment but there is an invisible enemy that is often overlooked! The heat leads to the overheating of the appliances, which can cause damage to the central processing unit and affect the life of the battery. This phenomenon is very common in cell phones and computers, but it also happens in cameras.

It's very easy to avoid heat damage: leave your gear in the shade or keep it inside an opaque bag, avoid using it in strong sunlight and don't leave it locked in the car for many hours on hot days (the interior of a car in summer can reach 50 degrees)!

In the case of laptop computers, you can buy a fan (cooler) to cool it down, thus avoiding battery overload and getting even better performance.





Finally, the salt air: that salty sea breeze. This phenomenon is very aggressive for technological equipment because it contains chemical substances such as salts that end up entering the equipment and eating the internal hardware . Unlike seawater, the effect of salt spray is felt in the long term after several exposures to it. The tip to avoid damage is the same: try to reduce the use of the equipment as much as possible and protect it, in a bag or with a towel, while you are not using it.




In our store you can find some accessories that help you protect your technological equipment in the summer!


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