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Aplicações de Controlo Parental

Parental Control Applications


What is parental control?

parental control is a feature that allows to condition the access of children and adolescents to certain inadequate content on the internet and manage the daily screen time. Currently, most children already know how to use the internet even before they learn to read, having daily access to computers, smartphones or consoles. It has become a priority for adults to learn to control the use of this equipment and to teach the younger ones to use the internet safely.

Parental control is available on almost all internet-connected devices: computers, tablets, consoles or smartphones.

It is important to warn adults that parental control is just a helping tool. Children should be educated and alerted to the dangers of the internet because nowadays the youngest have access to these devices everywhere, so controlling the PC at home is not enough protection.

Parental control allows to restrict access to inappropriate content for children, block certain pages or programs, set time limits and even monitor usage. This functionality is provided by the servers (windows, chrome, apple, IOS, android, playstation, among others) or by applications suitable for this purpose.


In this article we will explore 3 applications.


Parental control applications



Qustodio Parental Control 

This application works in real time and allows parents to enforce a timeout of daily technology usage, filters access to inappropriate content and certain programs and games. With the premium version it is still possible to monitor social networks, calls and messages and track device location. You just have to download the application on your smartphone and on the devices used by children. The installation process takes no more than 15 minutes and is very intuitive.

You have 4 payment plans available:

- free - 1 protected device

- small - 5 protected devices 42.95€ 

- medium - 10 devices protected €73.95

- large - 15 protected devices €106.95

Compatible with Windows / Mac OS / Android / iOS / Kindle / Nook



Kaspersky Safe Kids 

Similar to Qustodio, Kaspersky Safe Kids also helps supervise children's mobile devices and computers. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Very simple installation. Kaspersky Safe Kids includes a app for the child and a app for the parents, linked via the personal My Kaspersky account. After installing and linking the devices, you just have to set the use restrictions depending on the age of the child.

Kaspersky Safe Kids has two versions: free and premium. Both versions allow filtering of online content, limiting the usage time of applications and managing the daily use of devices and blocking content deemed harmful on YouTube.

By purchasing the premium version (€14.95/year), you have access to some more features of the application: monitor social networks, schedule screen time, monitor battery status of devices, real-time alerts and even location of children's devices


Family Link 

Google's Family Link application allows control of children while using smartphone or tablet. Parents can run Family Link on Android devices with version 5.0 (Lollipop) and above and on iPhones with iOS 9 and higher.

Family Link must be installed on the adult's device as well as on the child's device, so that the time limit for use and management of the content used can be established. Both adults and children must have Google accounts to link to the application.

Family Link allows you to manage the applications used and download them, locate the children's device in real time, receive activity reports of children and even set usage limits.

This application is free and children only need an Android device. Adults can access the app via IOS or Android.



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