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Controlo Parental nos Servidores

Parental Control on Servers

Parental Control on Servers

In the last article, we talked about Applications for Parental Control. In this one, we will explain how to do parental control individually on each server, console, operating system and smartphone or tablet.


What is parental control?

This is a feature that allows to condition the access of children and teenagers to certain inappropriate content on the internet and manage daily screen time. Currently, most children already know how to use the internet even before they learn to read, having daily contact with computers, smartphones or consoles. It has become a priority for adults to learn to control the use of these equipment and teach the younger ones to use them safely.

Parental control is available on almost all internet connected devices and allows you to restrict access to content unsuitable for children, block certain pages or programs, set time limits and even monitor usage.

However, it is important to warn adults that parental control is just a helping tool. Children should be educated to the dangers of the internet, remembering that today the youngest have access to these devices everywhere, and therefore control their home PC is not enough.



Parental Controls in the Operating System

One of the options is to set parental control directly in the computer's operating system.



The windows parental control allows users to set the timeout spent on the computer and the games and programs that can be accessed by children. It is free and easy to set. You can create a separate account for minors and monitor their activities, set up different accounts, browsing histories through your admin account and block any website or application of your choice.

Learn more here: child-accounts


Apple (macOS)

The Mac OS X Parental Control limits access to applications, controls access to the web and contacts that can be placed on the email. It also allows you to manage the times of use and even remove certain words from the lexicon presented by the dictionary.

Learn more here:



Parental Control on Smartphones and Tablets 


Parental control is available for both Android and Apple devices. You can turn off the shopping option within the apps and in the store, monitor social networks, camera access e bluetooth and much more .



In the settings of your Apple device, numerous parental control alternatives are available such as: set content restrictions and privacy, prevent iTunes purchases and App Store, prevent inappropriate content, restrict access to Game Center, among many others.

You know everything here:


Android and Google Play 

By enabling parental controls on Google Play, you can restrict the content that can be downloaded or purchased on Google Play based on maturity level.

Parental controls work differently depending on the content: Applications e Games, Music, Movies, TV e Books.

Learn more here:


Parental Controls in Browsers

Most browsers also allow you to set parental controls free of charge. This control mostly allows you to monitor search history and restrict access to certain websites. Find out how here:

- Google Chrome: web

- Safari:

- Firefox: o-control-par


- Internet Explorer:


Parental Control in Search Engines

Search engines are the main bridge for any content inappropriate for a minor, so it's important to try to limit the type of topics he has access to. The most used search engines provide the functionality of parental control for free.

- Google Safe Search: en-US


- Bing:


- Yahoo:


Parental Control on Video and Streaming Platforms


YouTube provides a parental control option for content: o Restricted mode. It is an optional setting that you can use on YouTube to help filter out inappropriate content for minors

Learn more here: 3DDesktop&hl=en

Within YouTube, there is also YouTube Kids so that children can safely explore content suitable for each age. There are several parental controls so you can tailor the experience to your family's needs.

Learn more here:




Netflix separates the contents by age group. In Portugal, Netflix uses the following classification in series and movies: children (7+), teens (13+) and adults (16+, 18+).

Learn more here:



The Kids option of HBO groups together all content intended for the youngest.In this mode, the application is blocked, being necessary to enter the parental control PIN to exit this mode  The option to activate this mode is presented whenever you access the Children menu.

Learn more here: (Definitions => Parental Control)

Parental Control in Consoles

Today, video games are as or more popular than computers among the newest. It is therefore essential to manage the time limits and game content. The most popular consoles on the market offer all free parental control solutions.


- Nintendo: Nintendo-Switch-Parental-Control-Settings-1494771.html


- PS4:


- Xbox:



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