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O teu email está seguro?

Is your email safe?

Are you sure your email is safe?

The internet democratized knowledge, fostered globalization, eliminating barriers of time and space, and brought new opportunities. But in the midst of all these advantages, there are various dangers. After a few years of experience in the online world, we know that there are always phishing and hackers scams to take advantage of us and our distractions. If before these scams went through a simple email with unbelievable offers in exchange for registering on a website, nowadays they have evolved a lot and are increasingly difficult to recognize.

Most people use Gmail or another online email service that usually has access to a drive with photos, documents, passwords and even credit cards saved. Well, all this is very practical until we suffer a computer attack and someone has immediate access to all this precious information.

With Gmail login attacks on the rise, you should better protect your information. It doesn't cost money and will increase your security barriers, here's how to do it!


1 - Login to Gmail

2 - Open the account management page. Or you can access it directly from this link.

3 - On the left side menu you have the option “Security”.

4 - Scroll down and you will find a box that says “Sign in to Google”.

5 - Select the option “Two-step validation

6 - Click on the blue box that says “Introduction

7 - On your computer, the devices where you are logged in will appear. Choose your personal mobile phone, this is where you will receive authentication requests whenever someone wants to log into your email account.

8 - Click on “Continue” and you will receive a request on your smartphone.

9 - Open the email on smartphone and press “Yes”

10 - Now you have to enter your mobile number in Gmail and you will receive a code to enter when you try to log in from an unknown device.


You are now protected against any attacks on your email!


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