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O que é o DPI ?

What is DPI?

What is DPI ?

If you are thinking of buying a new mouse for your computer, one of the most common technical features you will find is DPI - a tool used to measure the sensitivity of this accessory. It's not always clear how DPI can impact mouse performance, but if you usually play on your computer or use editing programs, you should update this default.


DPI means, in English, “Dots Per Inch”. Translating this expression into Portuguese, the acronym means Dots Per Inch. This value demonstrates the number of dots that are present in an inch, which corresponds to 2.54cm. DPI affects mouse movement sensitivity. That is, the greater this value, the greater the precision of the movement and the faster the speed of the pointer.


To adjust this value, simply access the Windows search bar and type “Mouse”. Then just press the button that says “Pointer options” and set the speed according to the type of use. We suggest below the number of DPIs you should choose according to the use you make of the mouse and still some models of mouse from our store:



  • Common User: 400 to 2000 DPI – this value should be chosen for people who use the computer for tasks such as writing texts, browsing the internet, email and social networks. Trust Ziva Wireless Mouse – Digiplanet
  • Professional or gaming: 2000 to 6000 DPI – for users who need greater precision to work with image or video and for gamers, this value will guarantee the necessary quality. GXT 900 Trust Gaming Mouse – Digiplanet
  • Specific use: +8000 DPI – There are even specific technical mice for work and games that need a very high level of DPI.

Digiplanet has several models of cheap and refurbished mice to meet the needs of all our customers. You can see all options HERE.

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