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Cuidados a ter com Computador Desktop no Verão

Desktop Computer Care in Summer

Desktop Computer Care in Summer

Classes are over, the kids go on vacation and the worry of how to keep them busy for three months begins. The computer has alleviated some of this affliction for parents - children love to play video games with friends, being a way to keep in touch during the holidays, watch movies and series and even browse social networks and YouTube.


As during the holidays, the PC is much more requested, there are some precautions you should take to prolong its useful life. Overuse and the heat of the summer months together are a weapon capable of permanently damaging your desktop computer! Discover here some tips to improve your PC's performance:



Install the desktop in a cool and ventilated area 

All computers, not just stationary ones, need ventilation to prevent them from overheating. Place your PC in a ventilated area of ​​the house, with air flow, to prevent heat from accumulating! Also avoid areas with direct sunlight so as not to increase the temperature of the machine.



Clean the dust 

You bought your PC years ago and never opened it to clean? We advise you to do this as soon as possible or ask a technician to do it for you. Computers, like any other appliance and area of ​​the house, accumulate dust and dirt inside them that can infiltrate their parts and affect their performance. Typically, fans are the components that accumulate the most dirt, spinning more and more slowly, thus affecting the PC's cooling. For safe cleaning, turn off your computer before you start and don't use water or wet utensils!



Add a fan 

The importance of computer ventilation cannot be overstated. Although yours is probably already equipped with fans inside, which expel hot air, they are probably of poor quality and not enough. The ideal is to buy an external fan to avoid reaching very high temperatures and thus prolong the life of your machine!

We have some suggestions here:



Change the thermal paste 

Thermal paste is a viscous liquid with good heat transfer properties. This substance is applied to the surface of the processor, ensuring that it and the base of the heatsink make good contact, sealing all pores and imperfections in the component area.

CPUs usually come with a thermal paste applied at the factory. However, after a few months of use, it needs to be changed because it gets hard and dry and no longer does its job as it should. The pasta is quite cheap (between 3 and 6 euros) so there's no reason not to replace yours!


If you need help getting your computer ready for the holidays, don't hesitate to call us.

Our technicians will be happy to help you :)



Maria do Mar Sousa

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