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Como fazer uma cópia de segurança do meu computador?

How do I back up my computer?

How do I backup my computer?

The computer is a professional and personal tool that we rely on to save our files and data daily. Like any other electronic equipment, it is susceptible to breakdowns or hacker attacks and, from one moment to the next, all the stored information can be lost. Hence the importance of making a backup copy regularly.


What is backup?


The backup copy, or backup, is a procedure used to copy all files from a computer or any other electronic equipment with storage. It can be manual or automatic.


The most common method is manual, where the user buys an external disk or a pen drive and passes the data from the computer to the chosen storage peripheral. It turns out to be even more secure, as it is a way to keep files offline, thus being more protected from online attacks. If you need to save a large amount of data, this option will be more affordable because it does not require a monthly or annual subscription. It's a one-time purchase.

At Digiplanet we have all this equipment available:


The other option is to store your data in the cloud. The cloud, or cloud, is a virtual place where you can upload your files cheaply (sometimes even free, with limited capacity) and practical. If you are a distracted person, you forget , you don't have the patience to backup regularly or you can easily lose your external hard drive or pen with all the files, then this is the best option for you!

But the cloud is useful for many more people than the “head in the air” - this storage is also interesting for those who need to back up small files or average and that are constantly updated.

The advantage of the cloud is the ease of use. The backup is done automatically, with the time interval chosen by the user and the files are accessible anywhere in the world, as long as have access to the internet.

 We leave you with two cloud storage suggestions:

Google Drive - For Google fans this is the option:


Dropbox - To easily integrate with your computer this is the option:


What is the best option? Both!

Putting personal and professional data in a safe place is never too much. Both the external disk and the cloud have their security flaws - if you lose the disk, you have the Cloud; in case you suffer from a cyberattack, you will always have the disk. This way your information is always assured.

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