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Comprar um novo ou fazer um computador gaming para o teu filho?

Buy a new one or make a gaming computer for your kid?

Buy a new one or make a gaming computer for your child?

A little over 10 years ago, a child's dream gift was a new bike or a skateboard to go play with friends on the street. Times have changed, these toys have evolved into gaming and, with the help of the pandemic that put us all in front of the screen, kids don't want any of that anymore! Now, most want a new computer to play video games online with friends.

A computer gaming has to have certain characteristics techniques to support games, and is usually not cheap. You can choose to buy a pre-made computer or customize it in parts.

When we talk about gaming, each case is different. The first step in building your child's dream PC is understanding their needs. There is an infinite number of games for the computer and each has different specifications. Some need a high value of Frames per second, others need more storage, so the first step will be to investigate what kind of games your child wants to play on the computer so as not to spend hundreds of euros on equipment that will not meet their needs .

Building a computer is always the best option in terms of performance and investment, but it is a “parent-child project” that requires a lot of commitment, dedication and, above all, , technical knowledge. It takes a lot of research and choose 7 main components:

  • Processor;
  • Graphics Card;
  • Motherboard;
  • RAM;
  • Power Supply;
  • Storage type;
  • Cashier;


As if that wasn't enough information, we still need to choose the peripherals - a monitor with the ideal size and resolution, a keyboard suitable for gaming, a mouse with sufficient DPIs, among many others that complement the use of the workstation.

Buying a gaming computer, personalized or not, is a big investment. It is a “toy” that your children will not put aside when they get tired of playing because it will always be useful, from children to teenagers. But, being a very expensive piece of equipment, it is always better to have professional help in choosing components and assembling.

The team at Digiplanet has several specialized technicians who support the construction of a cheap and refurbished custom computer. If you need help choosing the parts and assembly of your project workstation, you can contact us through our website or phone!


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Digiplanet offers low-price, high-performance refurbished professional computers.

From our commitment to promoting more responsible consumption the platform Digiplanet is born with a set of refurbished, top-of-the-range, high-performance and low-price equipment, allowing you to perform your tasks professional, academic or leisure, with the same quality that you would find in similar equipment, in new condition and purchased from a traditional retailer.

Digiplanet has high technical experience, highly specialized  from Digiconta that, since 1976, operates in the market of technological solutions, working for demanding institutions, in particular the most important banks national 

The experience and the technical rigor, accumulated over more than 40 years of activity, make Digiconta the natural and most prepared institution to provide you with a safe choice e a diversified offer in refurbished computers with warranty, which you can now find on the new platform DIgiplanet..

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