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ajude o ambiente comprando um computador recondicionado

The new way to save the planet: buy refurbished computers!

Every single month, more than a million computers are dumped into the environment. Most of them are in good used condition.

In fact, many companies do with computers what they do with cars: they make contracts with a format similar to renting for a few years (three years is the most common) and then they return them. replacing them with new devices. Some even call them the "fleet" of computers....

And what happens to returned devices? Got it! They are cleaned, treated and if necessary they have some of their parts replaced, in particular the batteries, if necessary.

These computers are usually resold much cheaper than the original version. Often less than half or even a third of the price.


It is fashionable to buy refurbished computers

This operation is very important to protect the environment. So important that it is becoming a new fad to use refurbished computers.

And it would be strange if it weren't so! Who doesn't want to have a high-end machine for the cheapest price you can find in a new computer store?

Faster, lighter, with a better screen, and more robust (many sometimes cheap new computers are plastic and don't have the highly resistant metal structures of professional computers).

The truth is that most people who buy a refurbished one don't buy it again. a new computer so quickly. After all, is there anything better than feeling that your money was well spent?

And what about the big brands that think of this? Well, they are great motivators. In fact, if there were no one to buy used computers, it would be much more expensive to buy a new computer for those who choose this option because the used one, in exchange, would be worthless. Big brands like Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, HP, among many others, support this process.

After all, isn't it the same with cars?


But, how to buy a refurbished computer?


Now, saving money by buying a cheap refurbished laptop requires your care:


  • Make sure you buy from reputable companies. Find out if companies have been in the market for some time.
  • Make sure that the company you buy from has an experienced technical area.
  • Check if the company you buy from sells to large customers. Usually these are more demanding and these companies have to have solid support structures.
  • Make sure the company you buy your computer from only works with the highest grades, preferably Grade A, of the highest quality.
  • Make sure your refurbished is from a top brand.
  • Check if the computer you are going to buy has a warranty.


    And for whom are they intended?

    Refurbished are an excellent bet for all segments.

    • For companies because they can equip a team with an investment that, buying new equipment, would equip only one person.
    • For freelancers or professionals, who can have a top machine without the shocking outlay they would make to buy a new machine.
    • For students, because they now have their own computer, fast and robust (the backpack sometimes falls to the floor and the plastic breaks...) , they stop using their father's, mother's or that old man's computer at home.

    Having a refurbished is really trendy.After all, it exhibits two very important characteristics of those who use them: intelligence, since they bought something much better and much cheaper; and concern for the environment: who doesn't like to be seen in an electric car these days?


    * * *


    Digiplanet is the new brand presented by Digiconta

    From our commitment to promoting more responsible consumption the platform Digiplanet  was born, which presents you with a set of equipment refurbished, top of the range, high performance and low price, which allow you to perform your tasks professional, academic or leisure, with the same quality that you would find in similar equipment, in new condition and purchased from a traditional retailer.

    The Digiplanet has high technical experience, highly specialized from Digiconta that, since 1976, operates in the technological solutions market, working for demanding institutions, in particular the most important national banks.

    The experience and the technical rigor, accumulated over more than 40 years of activity, make Digiconta the natural and most prepared institution to provide you with a safe choice e a diversified offer in refurbished computers with warranty, which you can now find on the new DIgiplanet

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