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Como dois computadores recondicionados mudaram a vida da família

How two refurbished computers changed a family's life.

Caetano and Clara are 11 years old. Like all kids their age, they love watching their Youtubers and playing games on the computer.

The parents' computers - more precisely, the mother's, an old Mac - always ended up in the hands of one of them. And after a few days they were full of games and, sometimes, the parents suspected, also full of viruses...

One day they received telephones (of course, their parents' old telephones). They could already watch the videos and when they grew up a couple of years more they received their first computers. The cheapest in the store.


The first computers

On the first day there was great enthusiasm. Install everything and start watching the videos and playing the games you've been looking forward to. Now they had their own life! Your own computer.

But it didn't last long. First, with use, computers quickly slowed down. They were always “stuck” in their language. Afterwards, they were so heavy that her mother, worried, let Clara take her Mac to school.

One of the computers, in the backpack, ended up hitting the floor and breaking open and opening defectively. Fragile plastic… that's what you get!

The truth is that in a few months the computers were backed into a corner and Caetano and Clara started using their mother's Mac again.

The school started to demand more and more the use of the computer and the parents started to think about how they could solve the problem. Parents needed their gear for work and clearly the kids needed a solution.

Actually they didn't want anything supersonic but it had to be an agile machine, with some robustness (and not that plastic of the first computers) and not be too heavy!

They went to the usual stores and realized that they were either buying a slow and fragile computer for a low price or they were buying a more robust computer for double or triple the price. There was a choice.


The solution!

That's when they found out about refurbished computers. A friend explained to them that many companies do with computers what they do with cars. They buy excellent machines at low prices, use them for two or three years and exchange them for new ones.

And when they exchange them, the second-hand computers are cleaned, “tuned” and back on the market…. much cheaper.

It was at that moment that Caetano and Clara's parents looked for offers for refurbished computers in Portugal and found some excellent machine alternatives.

They ended up opting for the HP ..... which new one would have been 3 times the price they paid. In other words, the children were both left with a supercomputer, with a metallic base instead of plastic, without a scratch, impeccable and with a spectacular performance (SSD disks, state-of-the-art processors, 8 Gb memory)... that an adult could aspire to. By the way, I can't hide from you that parents sometimes coveted their children's computers...

Nowadays, children take their computers to school without being an absurd weight in their backpacks, they no longer complain about the slowness and do their schoolwork alone.

Life has changed a bit!!! For much better.


* * *


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