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Vantagens de recondicionados para crianças

Advantages of refurbished children

Advantages of Refurbished for Children


September arrived and brought with it the hustle and bustle of back to school. Order manuals and buy school supplies. If you have small children, it is normal that with each passing year you feel the need to buy them a computer. Increasingly, students need a computer. Whether primary school, 2nd or 3rd cycle students, or university students, the computer has today become an essential tool for school work. And the reason for this is obvious - most professions today require a computer for tasks as basic as word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, or searching the Internet.

It can be said that most schools today ask students to do work using Internet research, preparing students for what will happen in the real world. The school manuals are also published in online versions and the school-parents-students interaction systems are also increasingly digital. This phenomenon was already a reality in Portugal, but with the changes that the Covid19 pandemic made in education, everything became more digitized and the computer became indispensable.

It is increasingly common for students to work in an interactive way, through the computer with their colleagues and teachers. Often the homework or exams are delivered through the Internet. Furthermore, if the student does not have his own computer, he will end up being out of this dynamic or will end up using his parents' computer.

The problem is that, unfortunately, a new computer doesn't fit into the family budget most of the time. In order to have a reasonable cost, it will be a low-end device that has everything to break down in three times in the hands of a child: fragile materials (usually with plastic structures), with slow processors and with memory and storage on disks smaller than the largest part of the necessities and heavy.


A lighter, more powerful and robust option usually drives prices to exorbitant values, outside the family budget and generates an additional concern: what if something happens to the computer? And who wants their child to bring an expensive computer to school? And get lost? And if they steal? And if you drop? And if you spill water on top?


Fortunately, the solutions are not limited to buying a light, robust equipment with good performance, for an exorbitant price, or a more fragile and slower machine for an acceptable value. The best option for a child, or student, is a refurbished computer. A much more affordable device with many advantages! Discover some here:


  1. Superior quality: refurbished computers are usually from professional environments, so they are built with more robust and resistant structures. This is ideal for a child, because when he suffers falls or collisions, on trips from home to school and vice versa, he won't be ruined right away.
  2. Lower price: the investment in a refurbished computer is much lower than what a new equipment with similar characteristics would cost.
  3. Less concern: the concern about theft or damage that may occur to the computer is greatly minimized, since, in addition to strong robustness, the investment is usually much smaller than that which would be made in equipment new.
  4. Warranty: Refurbished computers come with a warranty that allows them to be exchanged or repaired in the event of a malfunction.
  5. Customize: at Digiplanet, you can buy a refurbished computer and after one or two years, if you feel the need to upgrade the equipment's memory or disk, you can do it with our specialized technicians
  6. Technical assistance: when purchased from a professional institution with its own laboratories and technical team, as is the case with Digiplanet, technical assistance is guaranteed, guaranteeing the availability of spare parts and materials. If you have any doubts as to which computer will be best for you, there is always a technician available to help.




Buying a refurbished computer for kids is a smart choice, economical and that protects the environment!

Visit our website and see our proposals for your child and for a healthier and more innovative return to school in environmental terms.




Maria do Mar Sousa, 08/2/2021

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