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Porquê comprar portáteis recondicionados para empresas?

Refurbished Laptops: Why Buy for Businesses

Refurbished Laptops: Why Buy for Business?


The era we live in, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, requires the business world to have a digital presence increasing. Companies need to provide computers to employees so they can work and meet customer demands. The purchase or leasing of these equipment normally represents a huge investment by companies .

In case there is no big budget for technological products, in an attempt to reduce expenses, companies end up acquiring cheaper computers, of low quality, which t8>wear out much faster making the investment in vain.

The refurbished computers are, therefore, an excellent alternative for companies - resistant equipment, prepared for professional use, which undergo major maintenance before returning to the market.

As a rule, the performance level is more advanced and the price is much more affordable.

Advantages for companies:


Refurbished computers are significantly cheaper than new ones, given similar performance;


The durability of refurbished computers is the same as new equipment, provided they are recovered by professionals or trusted companies;


-Refurbished computers undergo maintenance before being marketed. This rigorous process allows them to be sold with a warranty of at least 1 year, with any type of damage covered during that period;


- Purchasing refurbished equipment (computers, accessories or mobile phones) is an green choice. Laptop recovery reduces environmental waste and electronic waste production, giving new life to equipment;

What companies need to know:


- As a rule, refurbished computers are devices that have been used for a short period of time, so they are not the latest version on the market;

- The origin of this equipment may be in other countries and that is why keyboards do not always have the exact configuration that we find in our country. However, companies that sell refurbished computers ensure keyboard reconfiguration for national versions;

- Refurbished computers do not always have all the components. In the reconditioning process, companies that sell this equipment must ensure a thorough review and replacement of components with new ones, when this proves to be necessary. It is normal to find a refurbished computer with some new parts in it and some newer than the model itself;

- Refurbished computers may or may not come with the operating system (OS) installed. It is important to check the situation before purchasing.




Be careful when investing in the purchase of refurbished computers:


Ensure that you buy from reliable suppliers: the use of reliable companies, which only work with the best equipment, have their own support services and operate at the highest levels of rigor, testing all the equipment they sell, is a key point for the acquisition of refurbished computers


Ensure that the equipment is Grade A: When you have a used computer with warranty, it is important to know that it will not be in the same condition as a new one. Despite a rigorous reconditioning work, in which specialized professionals test, recover and clean all this equipment so that it is impeccable, there are always some signs of use. Grade A equipment is in practically new condition. It should find a shiny exterior with no visible damage and scratches, and the keyboard should be brand new.


- Look for a one-year warranty: Companies that bet on refurbished laptops should consider ensuring that a warranty is offered. The normal warranty period is one year and often may not include the battery, but varies from supplier to supplier.



Is this investment by companies worth it?


Buying refurbished computers is the best option in terms of quality/price ratio.

Choosing refurbished computers will bring you much better professional equipment at a much lower investment. At Digiplanet, we have been working with refurbished equipment for over 40 years and, throughout our existence, we have developed commitments of technical and business rigor that today allow us to serve all customers with safety and confidence.



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The Digiplanet offers low-price, high-performance refurbished professional computers.

From our efforts to promote more responsible consumption the platform Digiplanet is born, which presents you with a set of refurbished, high-end, high-performance and low-price equipment, allowing you to perform your tasks professional, academic or leisure, with the same quality that you would find in similar equipment, in new condition and purchased from a traditional retailer.

Digiplanet has high technical experience, highly specialized  from Digiconta that, since 1976, operates in the technological solutions market, working for demanding institutions, in particular the most important national banks.

The experience and the technical rigor, accumulated over more than 40 years of activity, make Digiconta the natural and most prepared institution to provide you with a safe choice e a diversified offer in refurbished computers with warranty, which you can now find on the new platform Digiplanet.

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