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Computador ou portátil? Qual o melhor?

Computer or laptop? Which one is the best?

Desktop Computer VS Laptop Computer


Which is better: a desktop or a laptop? Which is how to say a desktop computer or a portable computer?


Lately, portables have been conquering first place in the market, especially for the freedom they give users to be able to access to their computer in anywhere. However, you should consider the type of use you are going to give your computer to choose the model that best suits your needs.

This decision must be made taking into account the available space, the cost, the use you will give it or the need to transport the equipment. In this article we will address the most important aspects of this decision making.



Laptop (Laptop)


The biggest advantage that these devices have over fixed computers is mobility. Laptop models brought with them:

  • A great freedom for users, it is no longer necessary to have the computer always in the same place and connected to the mains, secured by cables.
  • All notebook computers come equipped with battery, which allows you to have several hours of battery life without needing a power outlet.
  • Huge mobility. With a laptop you have the independence to work/study anywhere, even on a plane.
  • Another reason to prefer a laptop is the size and weight. Currently, almost all models are very light and thin, they fit in the backpack or in a corner of the suitcase, being ideal for those who have to carry their computer with them every day or even for travel.


On the other hand, there are some disadvantages:

  • The durability of a laptop is much lower than that of a desktop computer. Because they are so easy to transport, they end up being much more exposed to falls and impacts and, in this sense, the probability of being damaged increases greatly. Furthermore, these are lighter and more fragile equipment.
  • The batteries of portable computers, responsible for their great mobility, have an average lifespan of 2 to 3 years. When it starts to give problems, the laptop stops working without being plugged in and, at that time, it is best to replace it with a new one.
  • Finally, comparing both models with similar technical characteristics, the laptop will always have a higher cost.



Desktop (fixed computer)


The keywords to choose a desktop are: customization, comfort and performance.

The desktop computer offers a huge advantage over the laptop:

  • The possibility of purchasing the external components separately. Thus, users can choose the screen size, processor or RAM memory according to their needs. Whenever you need to update or replace some part, you can do it very easily , something that doesn't happen on portable computers.

Opting for a desktop is more for less. Better performance and power for a lower price. Laptops choose mobility as their main advantage, having to save on power or memory. It is normal for the largest computer manufacturers on the market to launch new models in a desktop version and only later in a laptop.

When you choose a fixed computer, it is necessary to find a space at home to mount the entire station (desktop, screen, keyboard, speakers, webcam and mouse).Usually these equipments end up spending their entire life in the same place, avoiding the wear suffered by mobile devices and thus having much greater durability


This factor is, on the other hand, a huge disadvantage for many users. The immobility can condition the use of the computer if you need it outside the home or work place. The space available for the computer can also affect the decision as not everyone has a place to mount a computer with a monitor, keyboard, mouse and even extras such as speakers, printer or other peripherals. To have all this you need a spacious and calm place.


After all, which one is the best?


In this championship there are no winners or losers. The choice must be made according to your needs and possibilities. Laptops have not come to replace desktops, despite being increasingly a trend.


You travel a lot, work in different places and is the computer an indispensable tool? A portable computer is the best option!

If you value more performance and power and you always work in the same place, in the office or at home, a desktop computer will satisfy your needs!


With Digiplanet refurbished computers, whether laptops or desktops, you have the option to customize the RAM memory, Disk and even the graphics card in desktops. With our specialized technical team, we can help you to have the machine you need to meet your needs.


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