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como otimizar o teletrabalho

How to optimize telecommuting?




In recent years, companies have increasingly resorted to the telework regime due to technological advances, financial advantages and globalization. In 2020, with the implications that Covid-19 had on the business world, this trend has gained a lot more strength and it looks like it's here to stay.



But what is telecommuting?

The telework or remote work is the possibility of carrying out tasks remotely , not requiring physical presence in the workplace, using technologies as tools.

This system brings many advantages to both employers and employees , but it is necessary to establish methodologies and organization systems so as not to lose productivity and the focus.

The benefits for the worker are the time flexibility and the location, saving time and money in commuting to work and making it easier reconciliation of family and professional life.

Despite these advantages, for some people teleworking can be a challenge. So, Digiplanet gives you some tips to optimize telecommuting:


1 - Define your place of work


Find a fixed space where you can organize your material and associate it with a professional moment. This space should be calm, without distractions where you can concentrate. By avoiding leisure areas, the motivation to work increases. This step is important to maintain the professional routine.


2- Establishes schedules and deadlines


You should plan your work and set daily goals to avoid distractions during working hours. When working from home, it's very easy for a short break to turn into a much bigger interruption, so it's crucial to establish a fixed schedule to help you maintain productivity. Breaks are also very important for physical and mental rest and should be included in the schedule.


 3- Get dressed before you start


Being at home, it is easy to fall into the temptation of not changing clothes to go to work, but this decreases the focus and the productivity level. It's all about establishing a healthy routine similar to work on site.


4- Keep in touch 


Even if you don't share the same physical working space with your colleagues, it is essential to encourage team communication. Stay available and schedule meetings with other colleagues, this is a very important factor for success in a digital team. Here you have at your disposal a huge range of tools for working from home.

Good job!


* * *


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