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Como prolongar a vida da bateria do portátil?

How to prolong laptop battery life?

How to extend laptop battery life?

There are many precautions to be taken with the batteries of equipment, especially laptops. They are very overloaded electronic products, used daily for long hours, and their batteries wear out faster than other components. By taking some precautions, it is possible to prolong your life a little longer. Find out which ones here:


1 - Do not let the PC unload completely


The lifespan of a battery can significantly increase if you avoid full cycles, ie, discharging the battery to 0%. The ideal is to keep the charge level between 40% and 80%.


2 - Be careful with the temperature


When the notebook works with high temperatures, the battery tends to swell, thus losing life and properties. Keep your PC in a cool place, never in the sun, especially when using it for more demanding operations like gaming or multimedia editing. You can also opt for an aircooler bracket that will keep your laptop cool and at the right temperature for it to work.


3 - Shut down the computer when you are not going to use it anymore


This is one of the most important steps, and yet it is one of the least followed by users. Most people just lower the laptop cover or leave it on “stand by”. This small gesture is responsible for consuming much of the equipment's battery. You should turn off your PC whenever you are not going to use it for the next few hours.



4 - Calibrate the battery regularly


Currently, all batteries for electronic equipment (laptops, smartphones, camera or any other device) are made with lithium. Laptop computers have between 3 and 12 cells.

The battery has an “internal meter” that tells you how much charge is available in each cell, calculates the average between them and sends this information to the operating system so that the user is informed how much battery is still available.


As the battery wears out, the computer starts to do it incorrectly. To avoid this, it is recommended to calibrate the notebook battery to readjust the default values.

5 - Close applications and programs

We often have some applications or programs open in the background that are consuming the computer's battery, without us realizing it.

And when we finish using these programs, we will be able to save a lot of battery. To do this, just search the Windows bar for "Battery" and open the battery settings. There you will find which programs are running in the background, which consume your battery.

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