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4 formas de prevenir o cansaço visual

4 ways to prevent eye strain

4 ways to prevent eye strain

Eye strain (or eye/eye strain) manifests after long periods of reading or looking at screens. Its most common symptoms consist of headache, tired, red, irritated and dry eyes, neck or back pain.

Currently, the computer is a tool professional indispensable for most people, which means that a large part of the day is passed in front of a monitor. In addition, the Covid19 pandemic has reduced face-to-face contact between co-workers, family and friends, giving priority to technological platforms for interaction, such as mobile phones, computers or tablets. This exposure constant to screens promotes visual fatigue. But don't worry, Digiplanet will suggest you 4 ways to reduce your eyestrain symptoms.


Take breaks

Taking a break outdoors is a great way to relieve pressure on the eyes, as well as increasing physical and mental well-being. If you can't go outside, open the window and take a deep breath. During the intervals, ideal is not to look at the screens. These pauses should be short, but regular, as they benefit more than long pauses. During this time you can get up, move around and stretch your arms, legs, back, neck and shoulders to reduce tiredness and muscle fatigue. Remember to do stretching during the day focusing on the neck, shoulders, cervical and head so that you can decompress this area of ​​tension. As we spend a lot of time looking at a close screen, take advantage of these pauses to focus on objects that are further away, even if they are on the street. It will help your eyes to relax and unwind.



The eyelids work like a car windshield wiper. They clean the dust and dirt that accumulates in the eye and wash its surface with tear fluid when we blink.

The problem is that we blink our eyes less times (about half the time) when reading from a screen. Also, our winks are incomplete because the upper and lower eyelids cannot fully connect. This leaves the eyes dry and consequently itchy and irritated.

To avoid this phenomenon, the solution is simple. Every now and then, will purposely blink a few times in a row or close the eyes completely for a few seconds to hydrate them.



Adjusts size of text and contrast, especially for reading or writing long documents. Typically, black text and a white background is the best combination for less tiring reading. Font size is a personal choice, but you shouldn't feel like you're making an effort to read. If so, increase the font size.

The brightness of the screen should be adjusted to match the light level of the environment you are in. Avoid working in a dark room with a bright screen and vice versa. Also pay attention to reflections in the monitor and sunlight, as reflective exposure affects the eyes. One option is to use night light mode on your devices. This light mode, displays warm colors so your eyes are not hurt.



Achieving the distance indicated between the monitor and the user is particularly complicated with laptops that are usually too close to the eyes.If the screen is too close, you risk exerting continuously the muscles eyes If it's too far away, you'll have difficulty seeing small details.

An external keyboard is a great help, as well as a second monitor. Having an external monitor allows placing the screen at distance and height correct to protect health eyes and your posture. computer screens should be placed at eye level, or slightly below and about an arm away from your body. Don't forget to clean regularly the dust and fingerprints on the computer screen. Dirty screen or smudges can reduce contrast and increase problems with glare and reflections.

And with Digiplanet you can find the ideal screen for you, with good quality and which will give you a better quality of work and will help your eyes rest better. You can see our range of monitors here.

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