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Proteger o ambiente - como começar

Do you want a world without plastic? See where to start!

Do you want to start contributing to a world with less plastic? The Plastic Free July initiative helps us take the first steps. Read and start today to create a better world!

And the good news is that anyone can help. You can start slowly or try to have a bigger impact. Get inspired by the steps below!



Drinks to take away

When you want to take a coffee or a drink from the bakery, or your favorite coffee shop, take a reusable cup with you and ask to be served there, avoiding using a disposable cup!

It's not difficult! There are many cup alternatives on the market that can accompany you in your suitcase or purse. There are options for ceramic, steel, plastic or glass!

Most of the cups you are given with your drink are neither recycled nor recyclable! The impact of this action on the environment will be huge!


Proteger o ambiente quando compra frutas e vegetais

Fruits and Vegetables

Many stores and supermarkets pre-pack their fruits and vegetables in plastic or provide their customers with plastic bags to store these products. There are very simple alternatives to help reduce the impact of this practice on the environment.

Don't buy vegetables and fruits pre-packaged in plastic! Use reusable bags that you can bring from home, but try to make them recycled plastic or reused fabric. And maybe you don't even need a bag!


 Proteger o ambiente evitando o uso de sacos de plástico

Plastic Bags

The plastic bags are extremely harmful to the environment and wildlife.

Refuse plastic bags that you are offered in stores and make sure you take your own bags for shopping at the supermarket or any other store . There are compact, high-capacity alternatives that fit in your pocket.

Get rid of plastic bags and contribute significantly to our Planet!


Proteger o ambiente evitando o uso de palhinhas


Many bars and cafes offer their customers drink straws. Children love them and often adults do too!

Refuse those disposable straws asking for your drink without a straw or bring a reusable one from home. Nowadays there are excellent options for metal, bamboo or glass.

But be careful, make sure you let the person who prepares the drink for you before bring it to you to prevent the straw from ending up in the trash in the same way.


Proteger o ambiente evitando o uso de garrafas de plástico

Plastic Bottles

Many people buy plastic bottles to discard them in the trash, minutes later. Buy a reusable bottle and avoid using disposable bottles.

In restaurants, when ordering water, make sure that it does not come in a plastic bottle. If that's the case, ask for an alternative in a glass bottle or choose to drink tap water.


Proteger o ambiente na padaria

At the Bakery

Unfortunately, many bakeries and supermarkets pack bread, cakes and other foods in plastic.

You can prevent more plastic from ending up in the environment by looking for unpackaged alternatives and bringing your own packaging from home.

If you forget to bring the packaging from home, you can always ask them to wrap what you are going to take in paper (which you can offer for recycling later).


Proteger o ambiente nas compras de carne e peixe

Meat and Fish

Meat, fish and other products are often sold in trays made of polystyrene, a type of plastic extremely difficult to recycle In addition, it contains chemicals that can be harmful to human health.

Refuses products packaged in plastic, in particular those offered in polystyrene trays.

If these options are not available in your supermarket, it is worth looking for a butcher or fishmonger that supplies these products without being packaged. Remember to take with you to shop a reusable container to bring the various products avoiding packaging that is harmful to the environment and health!


Proteger o ambiente reduzindo reutilizando e reciclando

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

These three R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) help make our planet and our future more sustainable.

Reduce what you buy. Before you buy something, ask yourself if you really need to do it or if you can reuse some things you already have. Buying second-hand clothes or other products goes a long way towards reducing waste.

Reuse plastic products whenever possible or take them to thrift stores to prevent them from ending up in the trash.

Recycle correctly and choose to buy products that help recycling!

The Plastic Free July initiative suggests that we see the History of Stuff (Story of Stuff) presented on the website

Share these ideas with your friends and share them with your community and trade where you usually shop.


* * *


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